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Think Galacticon 3 about to happen! Reading Group starts back in August!

Think Galacticon 3 is about to happen! Check out the Think Galacticon Website and see what we have in store for you this weekend! Our Notable Guests are fantastic and our programming is engaging. We hope you can make it!

That said, we will be restarting the Think Galactic Book Group as the concom will once again have free time. The first meeting after the con is 7:30PM August 11, 2011 at Myopic Books. Our first book is NK Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. With Nora coming to Think Galacticon, you’ll have a chance to purchase her book and get it signed.

Bring your suggestions to what else you would like to read in the next year to that meeting as we will be picking out what to read for the following year.

See you at Think Galacticon and happy reading!

Registration open for Think Galacticon 3! Notable Guests announced!

We now have both of our Notable Guests announced: Adrienne Maree Brown and N(ora). K. Jemisin (who is up for a Nebula for best novel!)! We are very excited to have both our guests and expect it to be an extremely engaging and fun weekend July 8-10 in Chicago!

If you go our webpage you can read more about both of them, register for the con, and suggest programming:

It’s currently $40 for a regular membership and $35 for students until 3/31. The price will go up gradually until it is $55 at the door, so get your tickets now! The earlier you get the tickets the more you help us be able to pay for the upfront costs of running a con. It’s a win-win.

We also have youth memberships (ages 10-17) at a constant $25 and supporting memberships for those who cannot attend for $15. As always, you can donate however much you want to make this con happen.

Parents: We will again be having free childcare for children 9 and under, so please sign up your child(ren) for a free membership as well if you are a parent planning to attend.

Also, it is you who this con is for, so please suggest programming, volunteer, and email us to let us know what you want to see at Think Galacticon 3!

Join Think Galacticon!

If you are interested in volunteering for Think Galacticon 3 we are looking for more concom members and for volunteers for the convention.

We are still looking for the following positions:
* events coordinator
* consuite coordinator (key)
* local publicity coordinator
* another programming coordinator
* youth activities/childcare coordinator
* donations coordinator (key)
* accessibility coordinator
* sustainability coordinator

If you would like more information and are interested please email !

Think Galacticon 2011 is on!

Yes you heard right! We are indeed having a third Think Galacticon in 2011! Thank you everyone for your support and interest!

We are currently discussing dates for Think Galacticon 2011. Please help Think Galacticon by notifying us of any uber special important events in 2011 that we shouldn’t conflict with.

1. Check our Dreamwidth page for all the conflicts we have already thought of.
2.If you have a conflict we haven’t discovered yet, or have any other comment about dates, please email before April 15th.

Thank you! … and stay tuned for more!

Website improvements!

We’re migrating over to WordPress, which will hopefully improve our site’s usability for book group members, anyone interested in our group, and for the group members who maintain it. Please note that some of our older content has not yet been moved over– some of the older convention details aren’t here yet (direct links to those pages will still work; please comment here or e-mail if you need any of that information), and we’re still working on some other formatting and organizational details. Thanks for being patient as we settle in, and we always welcome suggestions on accessibility, usability, and other website matters.