2007 Convention

Why a Convention?

Think GalactiCon is a new project for us! Taking a cue from Wiscon, the world’s leading feminist science fiction convention, we are looking to create a space in which leftists can discuss politics and speculative fiction in an intelligent, engaging, and fun fashion. There will be multiple tracks of programming that seek to expand the boundaries of typical discussions. We want to explore issues of oppressive hierarchies, confronting topics of race, gender, sexuality, class and more. We have a lot of great ideas for a thoughtful and challenging weekend of radical politics and fiction, so we hope to see you come!

About Think Galacticon 2007

Featured guests: Nalo Hopkinson (author), Jim Munroe (author/publisher), Nisi Shawl (author), Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu (author), and Gary K. Wolfe (critic).

Think GalactiCon 2007 was held July 13-15 at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago, Illinois (430 S Michigan Ave).

Check out the programming page for a list of the panels and other activities at the first convention.

As part of our efforts for the convention, we’re excited to announce our first chapbook. Reprinting China Miéville’s “Jack” and Nisi Shawl’s “Deep End” (both discussed in June of 2006, featuring criminal justice issues) the Primer offers up political commentary on the stories as well as advice on forming your very own SF reading/discussion group. This chapbook was part of the convention packet distributed to all attendees and supporting members.

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