Participant Agreements & Harassment Policy


Your Think Galacticon membership entitles you to attend programming and special events, and to help yourself to food and refreshments in the Consuite. Your membership also comes with the assumption that you will agree to the following.

Badges: Wear your badge at all times. It is your pass, and without it you will not be allowed into con events or the Consuite. Treat it like it’s your ID or your keys. Turn found badges in to registration, and check there if you lose yours (we may ask for your ID—please don’t be offended if we do not immediately recognize you).

Behavior: Respect your fellow con attendees (even if you disagree with them, and it’s fine to respectfully disagree!), and generally behave decently and use common sense. Behavior that is violent or extremely disrespectful or disruptive will result in the revocation of your Think Galacticon membership without a refund, and we reserve the right to ban you from future Think Galactic events.

Harassment of any kind, including physical, verbal, and internet-based, will not be tolerated. If you are unsure of what constitutes harassment, err on the side of caution. If someone tells you to stop doing something or to leave them alone, do so immediately. If you experience or witness harassment or have other concerns about attendees’ behavior, please seek out a safety team member. They will be designated by orange armbands.

Care of the Space: SF fans have a great reputation for being kind and gentle to con spaces. Please help us maintain a good relationship with Roosevelt University, and help us out by cleaning up after yourself.

Children: All children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult while in the convention area. Parents will be held accountable for their children’s actions. Please make sure that your child carries some form of written identification and your contact information so that the safety team may contact you in the event that you become separated.

Lost items: Turn in or check for items at registration.

Medical Conditions: Consider writing any pertinent medical information (conditions, allergies, etc.) on the back of your badge so others can better help you in an emergency.

Media Policy: To avoid distracting people, videotaping will not be allowed in any program. Audio taping is permitted as long as you secure permission from all people participating in the discussion. If anyone declines, you are expected to respect their wishes. Ask before taking photographs of people (or their artwork), and please be careful not to disrupt programs with bright flashes/loud camera noises, and avoid disrupting traffic flow.

Finally, secure permission before posting (publicly or privately– remember, privacy on the internet means different things to different people) images of people or recordings of the convention online. Posting content people have asked you not to post, or not removing content you have been asked to take down constitutes internet-based harassment.

If you have concerns related to recordings or photography at the con, please contact a safety team member. If a concern arises after the con, please contact the concom at

Safety: If you have any medical or personal safety concerns or issues of harassment, seek out a safety team member. They will be designated by orange armbands.

Signs: Signs are not allowed on windows, doors, elevators or any painted surfaces. Signs found on these will be removed. If you must post signs, please use only blue painters’ tape. Rolls will be available in the registration area.

Smoking: Chicago has a citywide indoor clean air act. Smoking is not allowed in any public buildings, including restaurants and bars, nor within 15 feet of entrances.

Theft: Roosevelt University is open to the public. Theft shouldn’t be a problem if we all remember to keep track of our coats and valuables. The concom does not have a place for you to check your belongings.

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