Think Galacticon 3: July 8-10, 2011

We have finally nailed down the details and date with our host Roosevelt University! We are happy to announce that Think Galacticon 3 will happen July 8-10, 2011 in beautiful downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Watch this space for Notable Guest and registration information!

1 thought on “Think Galacticon 3: July 8-10, 2011

  1. Susan Simensky Bietila

    Hi! I heard about this gathering from Jef at WisCon and have been looking forward to attending with a few friends. I’m in Milwaukee. I’m hoping that I can reserve a table to hawk World War 3 – illustrated magazine for some of the time, but mainly would like to take part in discussions. I’m one of the artist/editors of World War 3 for the past few years. Also I’m currently working on artwork for the new Aquaduct Press journal


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