December 2015 Book Group

Thursday, December 10 at 7:30 pm

Stories from Octavia’s Brood ed. by Walidah Imarisha and adrienne maree brown

  • Introduction
  • “Revolution Shuffle” by Bao Phi
  • “The River” by adrienne maree brown
  • “The Long Memory” by Morrigan Phillips
  • “Little Brown Mouse” by Tunde Olaniran
  • “Manhunters” by Kalamu Ya Salaam
  • “Star Wars and the American Imagination” by Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • “The Only Lasting Truth” by Tananarive Due
  • Outro

If you’re in Wicker Park early, some of us will be at Tamale Spaceship (1341 N Damen) for dinner starting around 6:00-ish.

Find this book in a library near you!

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